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Department of Geography

Teaching award nomination for Hendrik Wulf

Hendrik Wulf from the Remote Sensing unit was nominated by the students for the final round of the UZH Teaching Award 2020. Congratulations!

Hendrik Wulf

The UZH Teaching Award was created to establish a broad and in-depth discussion the various factors behind good teaching. The award is designed to highlight what makes teaching effective and is awarded each year on the basis of a different aspect of excellence in teaching. 

Hendrik, what do you think are the key elements of good teaching?

Stimulating the students' enthusiasm for the topics of the lecture. But equally important is that we always meet students at eye level. And I try to include a lot of interaction, variety and entertaining elements in my lectures.

This year's topic was "accompanying in the learning process". What do you pay particular attention to? 

I try to make learning applied and illustrative using examples from real life. And I am always open to questions and ideas. Availability and feedback are important to me.

What was your reaction to the nomination?

Of course, I am very pleased that our students reward our commitment to teaching. I like to see this as a team effort, because the "overall teaching package" depends heavily on the commitment of our semester assistants and tutors. We have been very fortunate for years to have such dedicated and talented support. This positive interaction is probably also reflected in the overall perception of our courses.

Team GEO 113
"Good teaching is a team effort," says Hendrik Wulf. The semester assistants and tutors of the module GEO 113.

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Remote Sensing Courses

Hendrik Wulf is involved in the modules GEO113, GEO233, GEO371, GEO441 and GEO717.