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Department of Geography

Swiss polar expeditions

The first took place in 1912 and crossed Greenland. The collected data are still of great importance for glacier research today.

Screenshot SRF

Andreas Vieli in the SRF Tagesschau, on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition "Grönland 1912" in the National Museum Zurich.

Sonderausstellung Schweizer Polarexpedition 1912
SRF Tagesschau, 01.02.2020 (in German)

Grönland 1912
Exhibition in the National Museum Zurich, 06.02.-19.04.2020

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Prof. Andreas Vieli

Glaciology and Geomorphodynamics, Department of Geography

University of Zurich

Phone: +41 44 63 55175



De Quervain, 1912

Greenland 1912 - and today!

In 1912, Alfred de Quervain crossed the Greenland ice sheet. The data collected by the Swiss explorer are still of great value for today's research at GIUZ. 

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