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Department of Geography

Saving the World

The focus of the new UZH Magazin is on saving the world – ideas from UZH researchers for a bright and sustainable future.

magazin 4-19

No More Plastic

sonja bertschi

Millions of tons of plastic are floating in the oceans of the world. Satellites in space could help to clean up these mountains of waste. Preventing plastic from getting into the ocean in the first place would be even better. In her Master’s thesis at GIUZ, Sonja Bertschi and her thesis supervisor Andreas Hüni explored the question of how plastic could be detected using remote sensing technology. 

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Blueprint for Disaster

christian huggel

The hotter the climate becomes, the more environmental problems we face. Switzerland is no exception. Geographer Christian Huggel researches what the worst-case scenarios would look like. "If we don't manage to lower CO2 emissions early enough, then we're all in deep trouble."

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Saving the World. Ideas for a Future Worth Living.

UZH Magazin 4/19

Picture: Monika Fischer and Mathias Braschler
Illustration: UZH Magazin


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