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Department of Geography

Disappearing glaciers: UZH media highlight 2019 comes from GIUZ

UZH researchers’ answers to the burning questions of the day made international headlines in 2019. The list of the top ten is led by a release from the Department of Geography.


Glaciologist Michael Zemp and his international team calculated that glaciers worldwide had lost more than 9,000 billion tons of ice since 1961 and were melting at a faster and faster rate. At the same time the sea level rose by 27 millimeters – news that traveled around the globe in more than 1,400 media reports on all continents, reaching a potential readership of over a billion people.

Media Highlights 2019: Climate Crisis, Evolution and a New Building Project
UZH News, 18.02.2020

Global warming is shrinking glaciers faster than thought
Press release and media response, April 2019