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Department of Geography

Sarah Speck receives the 2018 BioOne Ambassador award

Sarah Speck, a PhD candidate at the Human Geography Unit, Department of Geography, received the 2018 BioOne Ambassador award. This award honors early-career researchers who have best communicated their specialized research beyond their immediate discipline and to the public at large. Sarah's award-winning research project explores older people’s lives and livelihoods in contemporary Nepal.

Sarah Speck and (late) Shiradevi Ranabhat

Outmigration in Nepal is a well-researched phenomenon. Various economic and social impacts on those who remain at home are well-documented. But what of older people? Globally, population is ageing rapidly and the young keep on migrating. This is also observable in Nepal, especially in mountains, where villages are losing their workforce, affecting the rural landscape. This case study from the Hills region of West Nepal assessed older people’s viewpoints, revealing additional, un-researched challenges that outmigration brings for remote mountain regions.

Speck, S., 2017. “They Moved to City Areas , Abroad”: Views of the Elderly on the Implications of Outmigration for the Middle Hills of Western Nepal. Mountain Research and Development, 37(4), pp.425–435.

Meet the winners: Sarah Speck

Picture: Sarah Speck and (late) Shiradevi Ranabhat in Lahachowk, west Nepal. Photo taken by Narayan Dawadi (2016)