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Department of Geography

GIUZ experts for the federal administration

The Swiss Federal Council elected several GIUZ members to extra-parliamentary committees for the period 2020-2023.

These committees support the federal administration in areas that require specific knowledge. In addition, our experts represent the interests of science and enable participatory democracy.


PD Dr. Karin Schwiter
Federal Commission for Women's Issues (EKF)

Prof. Dr. Norman Backhaus
Federal National Park Commission (ENPK)

Prof. Dr. Sara I. Fabrikant
Swiss Science Council (SWR)

Prof. Dr. Michael Schaepman
Federal Commission for Space Affairs (EKWF)

Bundesrat bestellt ausserparlamentarische Gremien für die Amtsperiode 2020–2023
Media release, November 27, 2019

Wahlliste Gesamterneuerungswahlen ausserparlamentarische Gremien

Picture Parliament: Wikipedia (CC BY 2.0)