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Department of Geography

ValPar.CH - Values of the ecological infrastructure in Swiss parks

A new interdisciplinary research project examines the benefits and added values of the ecological infrastructure in parks of national importance. The GIUZ is involved with several research units and in charge of the overall coordination.


As a vital network of habitats, the Swiss ecological infrastructure contributes significantly to securing key ecosystem services for society and the economy. In the framework of sustainable resource use, the interdisciplinary research team analyses the values of the ecological infrastructure from a social, economic and ecological perspective. Using different scenarios, it assesses the potential development of a functioning ecological infrastructure and examines which instruments are necessary to ensure its sustainable use.


Module A State and trend of nature's contributions to people
Module B Social, economic and ecological values of nature's contribution to people 
Module C Scenarios of a functioning ecological infrastructure 
Module D Instruments of a functioning ecological infrastructure
Module E Integration and communication

Participating universities: University of Zurich, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, University of Lausanne, ETH Zurich and University of Geneva

A research project funded as part of a pilot project of the "Action Plan for the Swiss Biodiversity Strategy (AP SBS)" by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN).

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Several positions for PhD and postdocs are currently open.