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Professor Shahul H. Hasbullah (3 September 1950 - 25 August 2018)

We have to announce the sad news that Shahul Hasbullah, Professor emeritus, Department of Geography, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, has passed away on 25 August 2018. 

SH Hasbullah

Hasbullah has been a frequent visitor to our department. He collaborated closely with the political geography and human geography units in our department. He provided guidance, support and advice to numerous students from our department, who came to conduct field work for their master or PhD theses in Sri Lanka.  Thanks to his incessant efforts, an MoU has been signed between the University of Zurich and the University of Peradeniya to institutionalize this exchange and collaboration. His empirical work on the political geography of displacement, resettlement and land conflicts in Sri Lanka has been pathbreaking.  He was widely respected as a political activist for the rights of war-affected communities and for peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

We will remember his generosity and hospitality, his modesty and sincerity, his incredible curiosity and intellectual creativity, and his incessant political engagement for the rights of the vulnerable.

His untimely death is a tremendous loss. His life and legacy will be remembered across the world.

Obituary in Colombo Telegraph

Urs Geiser, Benedikt Korf