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Studying fjord ecosystems in Greenland

A project with GIUZ participation will investigate the impact of climate change on fjord eco­systems in Greenland and their consequences for the local human population.

Qajuuttap Sermia DirkvanAas 2021

In a four-year flagship project financed by the Swiss Polar Institute, scientists will aim to understand the ecosystem of Greenlandic fjords in the context of a changing climate. They plan to investigate how accelerated glacier discharge and soil erosion impact the fjords nutrient cycle, marine resources and cloud formation, and how local livelihoods are affected.

The project is organized in six research clusters: cryosphere, ocean, atmosphere, land, biosphere and human aspects. The cryosphere cluster will investigate the process of glacier calving and its effect on the fjord marine dynamics and on nutrient circulation and is led by GIUZ researcher Andreas Vieli.

Picture: Qajuuttap Sermia, Dirk van Aas



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