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Knowledge in images - information design today

How can information design be used for effective learning and teaching? The Geography Teacher Training (GTT) unit at the exhibition at Zurich University of the Arts: as visitors and as contributors.

Based on a live video, age, gender and emotions of the GTT members are estimated (algorithm: Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS)

Information design explains the most diverse contents within the shortest time through combining visual material with few words. The exhibition "Knowledge in Images - Information Design Today" at Zurich University of the Arts makes knowledge playfully experienceable through interactive installations. 

One of the exhibits is a virtual reality station of the "Expedition 2 Grad" project: 3D goggles allow visitors to experience the effects of climate change on the Aletsch glacier and its surroundings. The project is coordinated by Andreas Linsbauer from the GTT and 3G units.

Many exhibits related to geography

Numerous examples demonstrate how information design is used to generate, visualize and convey knowledge. Several exhibits have a direct relation to geography and topics, which are treated in the courses run by the GTT unit. For example, works on cartographic representations, navigation, structure from motion, but also big data analyses and information processing and transfer related to sustainability, gender issues, as well as urban infrastructure and traffic in an esthetically appealing form. Further, the exhibition stimulates reflections on the use of images and visualizations in our courses for teachers-in-training for the lower and upper secondary school levels.

The exhibition runs until 8 March 2020 in the Museum für Gestaltung of the Zurich University of Arts in the Toni-Areal.

Exhibition "Knowledge in Images - Information Design Today"

Expedition 2 Grad

Holger Frey, Sara Landolt

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Knowledge in Images - Information Design Today

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