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Department of Geography Hydrology and Climate

Exercise 1: HBV-land

Calibrate the HBV model for the HBV-land catchment for the period 1981-09-01 to 1991-08-31 (warm-up period starting at 1981-01-01). This catchment behaves exactly as the HBV model sees the world, therefore you might be able to achieve a perfect fit (Reff=1). 

  1. Try to calibrate the model. It is a good idea to start with the snow routine to get the spring flood right, then work on the soil-routine parameters to get the water balance ok and finally fix the response function. You might have to do this in iterations. 
  2. During calibration look also on different variables, i.e. soil moisture, storage in the upper groundwater box, ... . 
  3. Once you you have reached a perfect fit (or have received the 'true'parameter values by kindly asking your teacher), you may again change parameter values and study the effects of different parameter values 
  4. Change one (or two) of the following parameter: TT, CFMAX, FC, BETA, LP, K0, K1, K2, PERC, UZL, MAXBAS, SFCF. 
  5. Discuss - before running the model - what effect You expect (i.e. more runoff during spring, slower response to rain, ...) 
  6. Run the model and look on the deviation of the simulated runoff (red line) from the 'recorded' runoff (blue line). 
  7. Make a note of each change of a parameter value and its effect to the simulation. 
  8. Change the parameter value back to its original value. 
  9. Continue with 2. 

Exercise 2