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Department of Geography Hydrology and Climate

Exercise 2: Lookout Creek

The HBV model has been applied for Lookout creek, Oregon. All the required data files have been created and an unknown hydrologist has carried out a calibration. As you can see the fit of the model is rather bad. As a new HBV-expert you might be able to help this poor hydrologist to calibrate the model. Use the period 01.10. 1984 - 30.09. 1992 for calibration and start the 'warm-up'-period at 830901. Change the following parameter to simulate the runoff as good as possible: TT, CFMAX, CWH, CFR, FC, BETA, LP, K0, K1, K2, PERC, UZL, MAXBAS, SFCF, CET. You might want to start with the snow and the soil routine before tackling the response function parameters. Make a note of each change of a parameter value and its effect to the simulation. 

  • When your 'calibration time' is over (~2 hours):
  • Write down Your final parameter values and Reff-
  • Discuss periods where the fit is poor even after calibration
  • Perform a validation run from 921001 until 980930 (without changing any parameter !) (warm-up may still start on 830901)
  • Note the Reff-value and have a look on the simulations (e.g. when does the model fail, have there been such conditions during the calibration period, ...) 

Exercise 3