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Department of Geography Geochronology

Ongoing PhD Theses

Ongoing PhD Theses

Name Topic Supervision

Calitri, F .

Co-evolution of erosion rates, weathering and profile development in soil landscapes of hummocky ground moraines

Sommer, M. (lead; University of Potsdam), Egli, M.

Ballikaya, P.

Assessing past atmospheric particulate matter composition in Xi'an and Northwestern Shaanxi Province (Northern China) using novel tree-ring analyses

Cherubini M. (lead; Swiss Federal Institut of Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, WSL), Egli, M.

Musso, A.

Changes in soil development and erosion rates with hillslope evolution

Egli, M., Seibert, J., Brandová, D., Geitner, C.

Completed PhD Theses