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Department of Geography Geochronology


The geochronology group explores soil and landscape processes using relative and numerical techniques. We use a broad spectrum of methods to date landscape changes and geomorphic surface dynamics. Among these techniques are radiocarbon dating (14C), 10Be exposure dating, dendrochronology and others.

A strong enhancement in methodology is achieved by cross-checking the different dating methods, by deriving time-dependent sequences and by the development of new techniques. The considered period is the Quaternary.


A special but non-exclusive emphasis is given to alpine and high-alpine landscapes and processes, especially those found close to and above the timberline where the environments are highly dynamic and sensitive. Our main objectives are the identification and quantification of processes such as soil formation, weathering and erosion, their interrelationships with the surrounding conditions and the development of qualitative and quantitative models. Quaternary and present time periods at both local and regional scales are an integral part of our research philosophy.

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Head of Group
Prof. Dr. Markus Egli

Radiocarbon Laboratory
Thomy Keller

Exposure Dating
Dr. Dmitry Tikhomirov