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Department of Geography Geochronology

Completed PhD Theses

Completed PhD Theses

Year Name Topic Supervision


Raab, G.


The Tor Exhumation Approach - A New Technique to Derive Continuous In-Situ Soil Erosion and Surface Denudation Models

Egli, M., Scarciglia, F., Maisch, M., Alewell, C.


Boxleitner, M.

Lateglacial and Holocene Glacier Development and Landscape
Evolution in Central Switzerland

Maisch, M., Egli, M., Brandová, D., Ivy, S.


Petrillo, M.

Establishing a Model about Coarse Woody Debris Decay Dynamics in Subalpine Forests - A Case Study from Trentino, Italy

Egli, M., Cherubini, P., Abiven, S., Ascher, J., Schmidt, M.

2017 Seiler, R. Tree growth rings as early indicators of volcanic activity on Mt. Etna (Italy) Cherubini, P (lead; ESL)., Kirchner, J., Egli, M., Maisch, M.
2016 Zollinger, B. Alpine Permafrost and its Effect on Chemical Weathering, Soil Organic Carbon Pools and Time-Split Soil Erosion - A Case Study from the Eastern Swiss Alps Egli, M., Alewell, C., Kneisel, C., Brandová, D., Schmidt, M.
2016 Dylan, T. Des formes d’humus au bois mort et du bois mort aux formes d’humus Gobat. J.-M. (lead; University of Neuchâtel), Le Bayon, C., Sartori, G., Egli, M., Bindschedler, S.
2013 Joos, O., Impact of Summer Drought on Soil Carbon Fluxes in Swiss Grasslands Egli, M., Hagedorn, F., Siegwolf, R., Seibert, J., Leifeld, J.
2013 Mastrolonardo, G. The impact of wildfires on soil organic matter abundance, composition and recalcitrance Certini, G. (lead; University of Firenze), Egli, M. .....
2011 Mavris C. Initial stages of soil and clay mineral formation. Case study: Morteratsch proglacial area (SE Switzerland) Egli, M., Haeberli, W., Plötze, M.
2010 Favilli, F. Soil and Alpine landscape evolution since the Lateglacial and early/mid Holocene in Val di Sole Egli, M., Haeberli, W., Cherubini, P., Brandová, D.
2010 Böhlert, R. Constructing a temporal framework for landscape dynamics in the eastern Swiss Alps during the Lateglacial and early Holocene Egli, M., Haeberli, W., Maisch, M., Brandová, D.
2007 Zanelli, R. Effects of pedogenic processes and vegetation on soil organic matter, Fe, Al, Si and clay mineralogy in the Southern Alps Egli, M., Fitze, P., Schmidt, M.
2007 Barbera, V. Evoluzione dei suoli sulle vulcaniti dei monti Iblei (Sicilia): interazione tra i prodotti di alterazione e la sostanza organica Raimondi, S. (lead; University of Palermo), Egli, M.