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Department of Geography Geochronology

Geochronology Summer School

Dating Techniques in Environmental Research


Dating techniques

  • numerical methods (radiocarbon, exposure dating with 10Be, 26Al, 36Cl, etc.),
  • dendrochronology, Ice-core chronologies,
  • relative methods like soil weathering and Schmidt-hammer technique, palaeosoils, palaeomagnetism

Reconstruction of environmental parameters

(using dendroecology, stable isotopes, ....)

Climate and landscape history

(case studies: dendrochronology, ice cores, varves, loess-stratigraphies, ….)

Reconstructing geomorphic processes

(avalanches, mud flows, land slides, rock fall)

Forest fires

(charcoal: identification, dating, …)

Lectures and field trips

Presentation of the participants own research