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Department of Geography

#23: Zurich on its way to the 2000-Watt society

A tour of Zürich-Albisrieden organized by Geography Alumni UZH revealed where the 2000-watt society is taking shape and where action is needed.

Photo: Nicole Arnet

The aim of the 2000-watt society is to gradually reduce energy consumption per capita from 3500 to 2000 watts and to generate a maximum of one tonne of greenhouse gases per person per year. 

A tour of Zürich-Albisrieden, led by Tina Billeter, project manager at the competence centre for a 2000-watt-society (Office for the Environment and Health Protection of the City of Zurich), made it clear that sustainable energy and climate policy requires a combination of measures in a wide range of areas of our lifes: consumer behaviour, urban planning, building technology, energy supply and mobility. 

Visited on-site examples for this were: 

  • open space instead of a road: green space Triemliweg
  • halving energy consumption: new Triemli hospital building
  • biodiversity and microclimate: renaturation of the Döltschi creek
  • a certified 2000-watt site: former Zollfreilager

Hans Rudolf Volkart


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