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Department of Geography Political Geography

Resource Frontiers and Borderlands

The expansion of extractive resource frontiers by replacing previously subsistence-oriented modes of production is a prevailing condition of global neoliberal capitalism today. They entails reconfiguration of property regimes as well as contestations over territory and sovereignty, often taking shape at the margins, including in the margins of the states such as in borderlands. In this research group, we focus on empirical cases from different historical and geographical contexts in the global south to unpack the theme of resource frontiers from critical, feminist, multi-lingual and decolonial methodological and theoretical approaches. Through our research, workshops and public engagement, we aim to investigate the temporal, spatial and geopolitical specificities of resource frontiers and borderlands. We also aim to collaborate with other research areas working on extractive/borderland economies, climate change, nature conservation, urban studies and other related themes.

Group leader

Dr. Asebe Regassa Debelo

Group members

Dr. Jasnea Sarma (Member)
Gabriel Kamundala (Member)
Prof. Christian Berndt (Mentor)

Belongs to the organizational unit

Political Geography