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Department of Geography Hydrology and Climate

Stream network expansion and contraction – patterns, controls and importance

Temporary streams are common and often represent a substantial portion of the total stream network. However, they are generally not included in stream monitoring networks and hydrologists have, so far, largely ignored them. As a result, little is known about the hydrological responses of temporary streams and the factors that control the occurrence of flow in temporary streams.
My thesis project will therefore study how and when connectivity between flowing sections of the temporary stream network is established, what spatial and temporal controls there are on the occurrence of streamflow and stream network expansion in temporary mountain headwater streams, and how this influences spatial and temporal variations in streamflow and water quality in perennial streams. This will be done by detailed field experiments in at least two pre-Alpine headwater catchments and data analysis.


Contact: Rick Assendelft

Supervisor: Dr. Ilja van Meerveld

Co-supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jan Seibert