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Department of Geography Hydrology and Climate


This PhD project aims to examine the potential of "crowdsourcing", meaning observations of voluntary participants. As the name suggests, the project looks at the potential of crowdsourcing in the field of hydrology. In the first phase of the project water level, streamflow and soil moisture data collected by the public were analyzed. In the second phase further investigations will be done regarding the applicability of citizen science for intermittent streams and water quality. Within the project we want to increase the collection of new types of hydrological data for better predictions and an increased understanding of hydrological processes.


For further information please take a look at the CrowdWater homepage:


Mirjam Scheller's focus is on hydrological modelling, data analysis and interaction with participants

Contact: Mirjam Scheller

Supervisor: Jan Seibert

Co-Supervisor: Ilja van Meerveld


Sara Blanco's focus is on the development and testing of an approach for the assessment of water quality by participants.

Contact: Sara Blanco

Supervisor: Ilja van Meerveld

Co-Supervisor: Jan Seibert

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