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Department of Geography


Timetable Master's Thesis (GEO/ESS 511; GEO/ESS 510)

From autumn semester 2024, the Master's thesis can be started every month. The booking period is therefore in the respective month and the start date falls on the first day of that month.

Example for the Start and Booking Period:

Starting date Booking Period
01.08. 01.08.-31.08.
01.09. 01.09.-30.09.
01.10. 01.10.-31.10.
... ...

Modul ID to book in the Student Portal:

  GEO 511 / ESS 511 GEO 510 / ESS 510*
Scope of thesis 30 ECTS 60 ECTS
Period for completion* 6 - 12 months 12 - 18 months

*A 60 ECTS credits thesis is meant to be more research oriented than a 30 ECTS credits thesis and is recommended for students willing to publish a scientific paper based on their thesis. Furthermore, it is a good option for students who consider doing a PhD after their master studies.

Timetable Master's Exam (GEO 512/ESS 512)

The minimum duration of the 30 ECTS Master's thesis is 6 months and the maximum 12 months and for the 60 ECTS Master's Thesis minimum 12 months and maximum 18 months. The Master's thesis can be submitted at any time between these months. The Master's exams take place four times a year. In order to take part in the next Master's exam, the Master's thesis must be submitted latest of Friday 4 weeks before the exam. If the Master's thesis is submitted later, students must wait for the next exam date.

Latest Submission of Master's Thesis for the regarding Exam period 1)

Latest Registration for Master's Exam 2) (24:00)

Deadline for Deregistration from Master's Exam 3) (24:00)

Master's Exams

Latest Publication of Marks (Thesis and Exam) 4)

Submission and Validation by the Committee for Student Affairs 5)

Friday KW 05

Monday KW 5 

Friday KW 07

KW 09

Friday KW 12

First Work Day of April


Friday KW 17

Monday KW 17 

Friday KW 19

KW 21

Friday KW 24

First Work Day of July


Friday KW 35

Monday KW 35

Friday KW 37

KW 39

Friday KW 42

First Work Day of November 


Friday KW 40 (in HS 24)

Friday KW 43 (from HS 25)

Monday KW 40 (in HS 24)

Monday KW 43 (from HS 25)

Friday KW 42 (in HS 24)

Friday KW 45 (from HS 25)

KW 44 (in HS 24)

KW 47 (from HS 25)

Friday KW 46 (HS 24)

Friday KW 50 (from HS 25)

First Work Day of December


1) Submission of Master's  Thesis via GEO Lean Gate.
2) Registrations via Student Portal. Latest registration: Monday four weeks before the final examination week.
3) Latest deregistration: Friday two weeks before the final examination week.
4) Three weeks after Master's Exam
5) Request for final degree over this form, at least two weeks before the validation by the Committee for Student Affairs. To guarantee the validation at the mentioned month, the submission must take place latest on Monday two weeks before the deadline of the Faculty of Science that the Student Coordinator of GIUZ can check the submission before it goes to the Faculty of Science. 

As long as the application is submitted in week 7 resp. week 37, the degree can still be processed for fall semester resp. spring semester.

Important Information concerning the Master's Exam period at the end of September:

For the participation at the Master's Exam period at the end of September, the Master's Thesis can be submitted until end of August (Friday four weeks before the examination week), if the maximum period of 365 is not exceeded before.


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