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Department of Geography Graduate School

Useful Documents

We have collected here useful documents for all of those involved in the Graduate School of Geography and Earth System Science. 

Ordinance and regulations

All PhD candidates in the Faculty of Science (MNF) are all subject to the same basic rules. These include the ordinance (the legal basis of the rules) and regulations (which specify more detail).  Legally, the ordinance take precedence over the regulations. 

Currently valid version of the ordinance only available in German

Minor updates to the regulations 
Must be read in conjunction with the document above.

Part A of the PhD regulations
An English translation of the regulations (Note that the German version is binding). The regulations specify more detail than the ordinance.

Part B of the PhD regulations
Specific rules that apply only to the Graduate School of Geography and Earth System Science. In particular, these related to PhD committees, minimum standards for cumulative dissertations the formation of circulation committees, course requirements and the organisation of the teaching requirement.

The Student Admin system is the main place in which PhD candidates and supervisors can keep track of progress. After registration as a PhD candidate it is possible to login using UZH credentials.

UZH has introduced protected time for all PhDs. Within 6 months of the start of a PhD a completed and signed job description must be uploaded on the Student Admin System a doctoral agreement (within 6 months of starting their PhD. The form is straightforward to fill out and PhD candidates and supervisors should discuss and sign it together.

This document (in German only) describes the framework of rules with respect to employment and protected time at the Faculty of Science for PhD candidates.
Rahmenpflichtenheft der Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlichen

Here, we have added some comments to the template that might help your in filling it out.
Delete the comments before submitting the document!
Individual outline of rights and responsibilities of PhD candidates (DOCX, 62 KB)

Forms and advice provided by the Graduate School

For some tasks in the Graduate School, we ask that candidates and committees use forms provided by us to simplify administration. You can find these here, together with some notes on how to organise things. The regulations above always take precedence, and you should get in touch with us if you are unsure about something.

To register as a PhD candidate a letter of admission to the Graduate School is required. To receive this letter PhD candidates and their supervisors should discuss and fill out a supervision agreement.

The completed supervision agreement, with a current CV and an e-mail address to which the letter of admission should be sent to Karin Klein

The Supervision agreement can be found here: Supervision agreement

The Student Admin System is where everything is recorded with respect to PhD progress. If milestones are not completed on time, PhD candidates may be barred from registering for the next semester. Supervisors and PhDs should keep track of their milestones.

PhD Committee meetings take place at least once a year and are the most important way PhD candidates are given feedback on their progress. The minutes must be submitted to Student Admin using this template. Make sure that the committee makes a clear statement about progress:
Minutes of PhD Committee meeting (DOCX, 35 KB)

These notes should help PhD candidates know what to expect in preparing for committee meetings:
PhD Committee Meetings – What to expect?... and some hints! (PDF, 84 KB) (PDF, 92 KB)

Finishing the PhD is a big event. PhD candidates often have questions about it, and these notes should be read at least a year before planned completion. They might answer questions that both PhD candidates and supervisors have about the process:
Completing your PhD – What to expect and some hints (PDF, 90 KB) (PDF, 122 KB)

The chairs of committees are responsible for organising the exam, and we have prepared detailed notes and a timeline for organising the PhD exam:
Information sheet for PhD Committee Chairs: PhD exam procedure (PDF, 118 KB) (PDF, 126 KB)

This document summarises what is expected in a PhD review, and can be shared with internal and external reviewers:
Guidelines for PhD dissertation reviews (PDF, 89 KB) (PDF, 121 KB)