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Department of Geography

Historically unprecedented global glacier decline in the early 21st century

The World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS) has been collecting data on glaciers for more than a century.


According to the dataset of meanwhile over hundred glaciers worldwide, the authors of the study can show that glacier melt is a global phenomenon. Intermittent readvance periods are restricted to a regional and decadal scale and have not come close to reverse the trend. The rates of the mass loss since the year 2000 are without precedent and glacier melt will continue even without further climate change.

Link to full publication in Zora

Zemp Michael, Frey Holger, Gärtner-Roer Isabelle, Nussbaumer Samuel U., Hoelzle Martin, Paul Frank, Haeberli Wilfried, Denzinger Florian, et al