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Department of Geography

#19: Urbanised landscapes - living between nature and civilisation

EGEA organises five scientific congresses each year on various topics in the field of geography. One of these is the "Western Regional Congress", which EGEA Zurich is organising in April 2020. 


The European Geography Association (EGEA) Zurich will host the "Western Regional Congress 2020" from 14 to 19 April 2020 in Melchtal in the canton of Obwalden. The theme is "Urbanised Landscapes - living between nature and civilisation". 

Understanding processes, discussing solutions

Throughout Europe we find large urbanised areas characterised by urban sprawl. The Swiss plateau between the Alps and the Jura chain illustrate this problem very well: nature and urbanised areas merge into one another. This congress offers the opportunity to better understand the related processes in workshops and excursions and to get to know and discuss various approaches to finding solutions.

Western Regional Congress 2020: «Urbanised Landscapes - living between nature and civilisation»

Jeremiah Huggel and Wanja Meier, EGEA Zurich