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Department of Geography

#3: New unit "Space, Nature and Society"

Even after 125 years, GIUZ is in constant change. Right on time for the start of the anniversary year, the website of the new unit "Space, Nature and Society" went online.

  • Street vendors contribute to public wellbeing in a small town in Malaysia (Photo: Norman Backhaus)

  • The fishermen's day is an important event in Eveny and Evenki tradition of Northern Siberia (Photo: Stanislav Ksenofontov)

  • Qobil Shokirov analyses how traditional hunting practices contribute to nature conservation in Tajikistan (Photo: Norman Backhaus)

  • Students on Munt la Schera on an excursion to the Swiss National Park (Photo: Norman Backhaus)

  • Older men in rural Nepal pausing during bank account registration for securing the receipt of a pension (Photo: Sarah Speck)

  • «Aama» taking care of grandchild: A representation of many Nepalese villages due to outmigration of young adults (Photo: Sarah Speck)

Research and teaching of this unit focuses on spatial and social aspects of nature and landscapes. It deals, for example, with values and justifications of nature conservation projects, the significance of landscape services and what the future of agriculture might look like. 

A further focus is on the topics of migration and geographies of young people. The unit is headed by Norman Backhaus.


Norman Backhaus

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Space, Nature and Society