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#4: Mapping the plastic soup

Using the CrowdwaterApp developed at GIUZ, citizen scientists worldwide collect data on river water levels and soil moisture. Now the app can also be used to map plastic pollution in rivers and along riverbanks.

plastic pollution
Picture: Raymond Rutting, de Volkskrant

This is now being applied for the first time in the city of Leiden, which is located very close to the North Sea. Waste in the canals usually ends up in the sea within 24 hours. The project was developed in cooperation with Tim van Emmerik of Wageningen University in the Netherlands. The newspaper "de Volkskrant" reported about it (in Dutch).

Plastic soep in de Leidse grachten, in kaart gebracht met een app
de Volkskrant, Dezember 11, 2019

Spot plastic pollution
Tim van Emmerik, Universität Wageningen

J. Seibert, M. Seebauer


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