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Department of Geography Labour Geography

Labour Geography

Our research group is interested in better understanding patterns of socio-spatial inequality in labour, migration and gender.

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  • DSI work community movie night

    On February 21, 2024 the DSI Community Work invites you to the screening of the film documentary "The Driven Ones" directed by Piet Baumgartner.

  • We live in a time crisis

    How much time can we devote to our work? How much time for unpaid work in the family and society, for oneself and the social environment? Labour geographer Karin Schwiter took part in a public panel discussion on the four-day week organised by the Polit Forum Bern: "Many people lack time for unpaid work, especially care work, in addition to gainful employment".

  • Videopodcast "Pflege grenzenlos"

    Karin Schwiter (Universität Zürich) und Sarah Schilliger (Universität Bern) im Gespräch mit Ruth Gurny von DENKNETZ zum Thema "Pflege grenzenlos"

Upcoming events

Labour Geography Research Colloquium

Zurich Human Geography Colloquium (ZHGK)