International Day of Women and Girls in Science: Feb. 11, 2022

Avni Malhotra, Soil Scientist

"I am fascinated by how plants (above and belowground) mediate ecosystem carbon cycle responses to climate change." 

Daniela Mariño, Geocomputation

“As quantitative geographer, my passion focuses on understanding human’s perception of wellbeing in a landscape of diverse languages.”

Sofia van Moorsel, Plant Ecologist

"I study how biodiversity and evolution can help plant communities to persist under environmental change."

Isabelle Helfenstein, Remote Sensing

"I want to know how we can assess and monitor forest biodiversity using satellites."

Jacqueline Bannwart, Ines Dussaillant, Andrea Kneib-Walter & Livia Piermattei

Glaciologists Jacqueline Bannwart, Ines Dussaillant, Andrea Kneib-Walter & Livia Piermattei

“Glaciers are fascinating, beautiful, cold and silent natural phenomena, yet loud and clear indicators of the ongoing climate change.”

    Annina Michel, Human Geographer

    “I analyze how emotions are entangled with individual conceptions of nature and how they influence social and political negotiations surrounding nature conservation projects."

    Isabelle Gärtner, Geomorphology and Cryospheric Sciences

    "I am fascinated and motivated by team work: mastering challenges, growing beyond yourself and having fun." 

    Sierra Deutsch, Political Ecologist

    "I research the role of politics, power, and political economy in the triple global crises of biodiversity loss, climate change, and social inequality."

    Isabel Hagen, Geographer

    "I am researching the limits to climate change adaptation in mountain regions, and what happens when those limits are reached."

    Kathrin Naegeli, Remote Sensing and Cryospheric Sciences

    "Remote sensing linked with field observations offers me unique datasets to study the changing cryosphere across scales."

    Hoda Allahbakhshi, Mobility and Accessibility Analytics

    "I aim to contribute to an improved understanding of basic interactions between spatial accessibility, spatial mobility, and mobility impairments applying digital tools and methods."

    Claudia Röösli, Satellite Enthusiast

    "I use satellite data to observe and monitor Earth processes for a more sustainable world."