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Department of Geography

Daniela Verónica Mariño Castro
Daniela Verónica Mariño Castro
PhD candidate


Room number: Y25 L 80


Daniela Mariño is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography, University of Zurich, Switzerland. She is a quantitative geographer, specialized in spatial analysis and complex system. She enjoys exploring methods to quantify human-nature interactions. Her research topic aims to understand how hedonic well-being is perceived in landscapes on different scales, using natural language models.

Research interests

Daniela is interested in spatial analysis and natural language processing. Her research is focused on landscape assessment, nature contribution to people, and well-being. Her main goals are:

  • Developing strategies to deal with unstructured data for landscape characterization.
  • Designing methods to classify values of nature, using citizen science outcomes.
  • Mapping emotional aspects and spatial patterns of nature benefits in people well-being.