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Department of Geography

Kathrin Naegeli
Kathrin Naegeli, Dr.
Group Leader

Remote Sensing

Tel.: 044 635 52 41
Room number: Y25 J 38


Kathrin Naegeli is a senior scientist leading the TIRLab, embedded within RSL. Her research focuses on the surface energy budget (SEB) of cryospheric landforms and the retrieval of SEB relevant variables from remote sensing datasets. She is interested in working across scales, hence focuses on the integration of field and remote sensing data to enhance our knowledge of the dynamics of the cryosphere.
She is a member of the Swiss Commission of Remote Sensing (SCRS) and president of the Swiss Snow Ice and Permafrost society (SIP), highlighting her twofold expertise. She is also a co-founder and vice-president of Girls* on Ice Switzerland and dedicated to make science accessible to everyone.

Research interest

Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere

Across-scale studies

Energy Balance of the Cryosphere

Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing

Imaging Spectroscopy

Research Output List