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Department of Geography

Dario Püntener
Dario Püntener
PhD candidate

Soil Science and Biogeochemistry

Room number: Y25 K 68

I am a PhD student working on the SNF founded project IQ-SASS - Improved Quantitative Source Assessment of organic matter in Soils and Sediments using molecular markers and inverse modeling. Find more here.


Since 2021: University of Zurich, PhD Student in Physical Geography

2019 - 2021: University of Zurich, Master of Science in Geography (Physical Geography)

2015 - 2019: University of Zurich, Bachelor of Science in Geography (Major) and Biology (Minor)


FS22, FS23, FS24 - GEO 241 Physische Geographie IV: Grundlagen Boden-Pflanze-Umwelt

FS23, FS24 - GEO 386 Bachelor's Thesis

HS23 - GEO 342 Vertiefung: Boden-Pflanze-Umwelt